Wednesday, July 8, 2009


it's the art of hitting goal. strategy is the first aspect of the way i comprehended. still learn to use it and won't learn 1% of it in this life it appears.

it seems a universal key. it is, yet it is illusive and rather tricky to explain. so, do not take my words. destroy them completely and learn from what you find in the wreckage.

strategy has basic currents using which this world can be altered in any way:

1. we have what we seek. we seek what we have.
if we are not satisfied with what we have, we are to alter what we do. if we are not satisfied with what we do, we are to alter what we have. if we seek happiness and are not happy, we are not to do what we have done before.

2. we can.
if we doubt own ability to hit the goal we fail before we start. if we act, then no doubt. if we doubt, then no action.

3. standard solutions rarely work.
this world defies anything uniform. for example, there are no 2 identical hydrogen atoms. therefore, path of hitting goal is adaptation and original solutions. it's difficult, especially in the beginning: we'll see more failures than goals first. yet, it's a skill, so more we practice the better results we get.

4. learn before act.
if we do not know in details correlation of actions and their results in the chosen field, we are to fail most likely. therefore, before we act, we learn whatever we can about what we are to do.

5. peace.
if we are distracted we are likely to misjudge situation and thus fail. therefore, more we train to stay at peace more likely we are to succeed and vice versa.

with these currents i found way to happiness that can not fade. hope they would be as useful to you.

good luck.


Buddha said...

You are not a stone Buddha anymore.
You are alive to laugh and cry.
Now I can relate.
Welcome to the journey my friend!

mickael said...

words do relate. it's their intended function.

yet, seeing words in one way and not others merely is attachment to words. how this attachment can be harmful?

good luck.