Thursday, May 21, 2009

helping another

helping another without naming the person is of little use since every human is unique, thus has to be the approach. so, here are few basic guidelines my experiments found to be useful in most cases.
  • confidence. one has to study the matter well before considering helping. i can not help another to do something that i can not do.
  • compassion. it's not that we need to feel for another person. we need to be another person. with fears and desires of that person. with joy and pain of that person. trick in doing so is to have the self be silent.
  • peace. likely many of you know the feeling, that when you discover truth of some teaching, it is delighting, and there comes the wish to share this wisdom with others. stop. do not. whenever you are not at peace, be it joy or unease, do not try to help another for in this case we pass our illusions onto them.
  • focus. earlier i discussed that human mind is a wonder even the fastest supercomputer would have trouble processing. this wonder needs complete focus when working with another wonder like it is. every sight, breath and word matter. how exactly this my thought is helping that person before me?
  • know. the better you know the person you're trying to help the more likely it is to see the results. helping a stranger does not give visible results almost at all times. silly me - what am i doing then? :)

good luck.


Barry said...

In my experience, we naturally reach out to help when we have empathy with another person.

To have empathy is to completely have attained their situation. This comes from having "studied" our own mind so thoroughly that we can immediately perceive the truth of another person's situation.

Without knowing ourselves, our "help" will likely fall short of the need.

mickael said...