Sunday, May 3, 2009


artificial intelligence, namely neuron network systems, is one of areas of my professional expertise. what's a neuron network? roughly, it's a mathematical model of a brain. if someone is interested in the technical side of the question, please ask me for directions. what matters for today post is that neuron network, or a brain for that matter, is a determined mathematical function of certain complexity. the complexity is such, that if we take human brain, even the fastest supercomputer will have trouble processing the function.

so, what's about it? function of a neuron network is not self awareness, depression, blue sky and green grass, etc. the only function of a neuron network is approximation, i.e. learning to give certain output on certain input. any output can be taught on any input. self awareness for example is not required at all in approximation; moreover, it eats up damn lot of calculation power giving more obstacles in approximation than benefits. yet, self awareness is what we are taught from birth.

so, what are we supposed to learn from that? two things at least:
1. we merely are a learning function. if we take control of the input and the output, we can literally reach any results.
2. we are what we teach ourselves or let ourselves be taught.

sorry for all the boring technical stuff today. :)

good luck.


Barry said...

Mickael, are you suggesting that the work of awakening involves control? If so, in what ways?

Not boring at all - thank you!


mickael said...

hi Barry,

what is not there hardly can be controlled, can it? :)

however, say, if one wishes to be happy, that one most certainly can hit the goal ignoring any unfriendly conditions. given adequate effort that is. exploited in the way it is, the mind can be manipulated into anything.

thank you for questioning me.

good luck.